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Original Goddesses

leading an empowered aligned life

Want to create a strong confident image and lifestyle? Discover the 5 Elements to becoming your best self.

Perhaps you are on a major crossroads, stress got the better of you? Or just wanting to feel more alive and joyful empowering your life…

Are you feeling that you’re in a reoccurring battle with lack of health and no time for yourself?

Does your beauty & body routine support your goals?

Is your clothes and style of image making a good impression or having an impact on how you really want to look…


Maybe you can’t even put your finger on it, all you know is that you feel discontent, unfulfilled, pressured and wanting to improve your level of life.


It’s ok. You are not alone.


We live in a profoundly challenging phase of human evolution and most of us are pushed to the limit.


Everything I share with you here is what has helped me. It still does every single day.


As an Adult in life there are people that accept who we are and those who don’t. When we need to know that self-acceptance is a matter of Choice just as much as self-respect, self-worth and self-love.

Time gets in the way of most friendships these days in a fast-paced world where “Nobody Has Time”.



Yet in the philosophical view and psyche of one’s mind it is all about your own perception. That means finding ways that make you feel as perfect as you want to be or become and so I dance with all that as best as I can.



My life is usually full of many challenges that are unique to who I am in this life. Most people that are unique are also met with great responsibility and overcome many adversities to stay strong and survive.


Through my years of ups and downs it caused enough headaches pain and grief to want to quit these shoes and the way life begets our patterns and environmental conditioning.


Choice is what matters every step. If I can, you can too.


The best way to begin is by creating breathing spaces, pauses in TIME, where you can hear and feel YOURSELF.